Kulwant Singh works in firm’s intellectual property, bankruptcy and immigration department on a variety of cases and matters. Raised in the United Kingdom where he practiced and studied law, he has a strong level of legal knowledge on international law, regulation, policy and international litigation within the European Union, Mr. Boora is licensed to practice law in the United Kingdom as a British lawyer. His interests are U.S. and international law.

In his role, he handles a wide variety of matters ranging from simple to complex legal issues housed in trademark law and international law. He extensively assists legal counsel in trademark searching, clearance opinion letters, drafting, matters before the United States Patent and Trademark Offices “(USPTO”), trademark prosecution, responding to office action actions before the USPTO, Trademark Trial and Appeal Boards matters (“TTAB”) trademark infringement, licensing of intellectual property, copyright law, copyright infringement, filings before the U.S. Copyright Office, domain name disputes (World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)), trade secret law, contract review and drafting, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 federal bankruptcy filing, motions, bankruptcy proceedings, objections, appeals to the bankruptcy appellate panel or federal district court to preparation of various immigration visas, denials and legal representation before the immigration court.


LL.M Masters of Law U.S. Intellectual Property Law
CPE/Graduate Diploma in Law (Law Society of England and Wales Common Professional Examinations)
DipHE. Diploma in Higher Education with single honors.
BA Hons. Bachelor of Arts with Honors
Diploma in Law & Higher Professional Diploma in Law and Legal Practice

Judicial Experience

Judicial intern to a United States District Court Federal Judge.