The purchase or sale of a home, condominium, vacation home, multi-family residence, or a commercial building may be your biggest investment and, as such, you want to be assured that your rights and interests are fully protected. You may be a first-time buyer, experienced buyer, developer, real estate broker, agent, seller, landlord or tenant with questions, legal issues, transactional problems or situations which require the legal knowledge and skills of a competent real estate lawyer.

We bring experience representing landlords, tenants and property managers to work with you in connection with the leasing and property management of residential and commercial properties. We can assist you with drafting, negotiating and interpreting leases and management agreements, and enforcement of rights if litigation is necessary. We can assist with zoning and other governmental issues. For contractors and property owners, we can help you through the numerous challenges in connection with construction contracts and related legal issues, including mechanic's liens.

Contact us to discuss your situation and what option will best fit your situation. We take great pride and care in providing highly quality affordable legal services. Our attorneys provide a free legal consultation to discuss your needs and what options are available to you.