Employees are a business's most valuable resource but can also provide many thorny issues to the business. Businesses desire motivated and satisfied employees to maximize their business goals but achieving this can be a difficult task.

The rights and obligations of the employee and employer, are governed both implicitly through legislation or common law and explicitly through employment agreements, union contracts, employee handbooks and other similar documents. Well-written employee agreements and employee handbooks help businesses protect their rights and interests while providing employees their rights and benefits. These documents provide guidance to both employee and employer both before, during and after the employment relationship.

Employment agreements encompass the working relationship but also can address pre-employment issues such as medical exams, drug testing, background checking and other such requirements and post-employment issues such as confidentiality, non-compete, post-employment compensation and other such issues. Items not covered by employment agreements can and usually are covered by employee handbooks.

We can assist in drafting or reviewing employee agreements and handbooks to ensure the interests of your business. We can also assist in other employment related issues encountered by your business. Contact us to discuss your situation and see how we can assist your business.